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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Earlier stories

Therefore, for efficiency of correctional work difficult sounds should be entered into the learned texts gradually, in process of their specification.Earlier stories of authors were already published in special literature: A.N.Assmus, T.B.Filicheva, HECTARE.To porridge, A.I.Bogomolova, E.A.Alifanova, N.E.Egorova, etc.Paying tribute to the importance of grants of the listed authors, we will note that stories in them are only a small component and cannot provide completely need of the practicing logopedists.

The sandbox

For younger children there is splash pool, a sandbox, a swing and roundabouts.The sandbox in warm day is always full dirty children, and younger constantly complain that big children come to play in their sandbox.As a result we had to construct a separate sandbox for seniors.The era of sand and pies from dirt in life of the child lasts much more long, than we think.We had disagreements and disputes concerning our inconsistency in a question of award of prizes for progress in sport.

Let the child

The main thing to salt one of cubes.Let the child will attentively observe how influence cheese, rice, pepper, fennel and salt on ice.What of cubes thaws quicker?The salty cube, of course, will thaw before others.It will be the first discovery in your laboratory.Now we learn how corn flakes influence ice thawing speed, millet and grain crumbs.Perhaps, the child will find out, than it is necessary to strew paths in the winter that also ice on them thawed, and birds were fed.

The comment

For example, the plate with the letter and.The teacher shows it as it is possible two fingers average and index to lead round a letter as if to write it.The child repeats this movement and at the end of an obvedeniye calls a letter.He can repeat the movement of a hand in air better to imprint an outline of a concrete letter.The comment This exercise with classical Montessori material by preparation for the mechanical letter.Material has the strict presentation to the child and is built logically in all system of preparation for the letter.

I told about

I told about this method to mothers who addressed to me with such problems as a finger sosaniye, or unwillingness to go to kindergarten, or mothers who wanted to disaccustom the child to a habit to fight, etc.As a rule, one by one reported to me about good results: within a week the child stopped sucking a finger, after days the child himself wanted to go to kindergarten, etc.To change undesirable behavior of the child I suggest to use this method.The person has two hemispheres: right and left hemisphere.

Which can be selected

Children of an average and the advanced preschool age should suggesting to work with subject and subject pictures.which can be selected from any set of didactic grants.However the preference needs to be given to pictures the image on which can be interpreted unambiguously.The child is offered to perform various tasks shown in a game form, like Guess that the artist forgot to draw on the picture, Add, Correct, Compare two subjects, Think of a subject make the description of a subject, without calling it, Guess, what subject I conceived call a subject of its description and so forth.

! The aunt

!The aunt acceptance inspector even at first did not get the idea as everything is actually serious to it women in labor and their relatives with cries break every day Is born though, actually, to an outcome to them it is still very far.But here was, really, it is born!.The crew on duty which already gathered was on houses nearly brought Varya in a rodblok.The account went simply for seconds what there enemas yes registrations, to reach a chair!


In a sense I would like to lay your shyness on the psychological operating table and to come nearer to it with cold, sober interest of the surgeon who is attentively examining the patient before to solve, where and how to make operation.Preliminary expert examination of shyness determines also initial level in relation to which it is possible to estimate the subsequent changes.It is necessary to get actively into gear on exercises, to estimate the shyness, to write out answers to each question.


February : Vasily, Dorofei, Ivan, Maxim, Maria, Marfa, Sevastian, Faust, Feofil, Photius, Hristina, Yulian.February : Luka, Parfen, Pyotr.February : Zakhar, Makar, Nikifor, Polycarp, Savva, Stepan, Fyodor.February : Gennady, Isabella, Innokenti, Nikifor, Pankrat, Pyotr.February : Anna, Anton, Arkady, Valentina, Vasily, Gabriel, Galina, Gennady, Herman, Grigory, Ivan, Joaquim, Karp, Luka, Mark, Pavel, Pimen, Porfiry, Prokhor, Semyon.February : Vlas, Vsevolod, Gabriel, Dmitry, Zakhar, Porfiry, Feodora.


December : Avraamy, Ambrose Abrosim, Anton, Grigory, Ivan, Ignatiy, Isidor, Lev, Neil, Pavel, Savin.December : Anfisa, Caesar, Kirill, Potap.December : Anna, Samuil, Sofron, Stepan.December : Angelina, Victoria, Germogen, Evgeny, Evgraf, Evlaliya, Ivan, Mina, Stepan, Foma.December : Vikenti, Daniil, Yemelyan, Ivan, Leonti, Luka, Nikifor, Nikon, Pyotr, Terenti.December : Auxentius, Alexander, Spiridon, Ferapont.December : Auxentius, Aza, Anastasia, Arkady, Arseny, Gabriel, Evgeny, Evstrat Evstraty, Lucius, Nicodemus, Eleonora.

From a branch

Snow.Not a bird, and with wings, Not the bee, and over flowers flies.Butterfly.Hangs over a window Paper bag ice.He is full of a thaw Also smells in the spring.Icicle.From a branch on a footpath, From a grass on a blade of grass, the spring, the Green back Jumps.Grasshopper.White stone In water thaws.Sugar.That for a bird: Does not sing songs, Does not twist nests, People and freight it is lucky.

It demands

It finds an answer as well on the picture from the second glass of cards.Having guessed, thus, at least, riddles, the kid makes of them a uniform panel.It exercises control visually and on control tags on a reverse side of cards.The comment Exercise was often applied on occupations of sixyearold children.It demands already created mechanical reading and active attempts of transition to judgment of the read.Before the riddle met in life of children only in oral speech.

It should

It should be noted specially that material for about followings is selected individually, but within some standards characterizing a certain age period in lives of the child and his social environment the city child, the rural child, the child from a dysfunctional family, the orphan, the remote settlements insulators, representatives of other nationalities, etc..Now these standards are not defined neither quantitatively, nor qualitatively and are defined rather intuitively, as a matter of experience similar work.

Tasks on recognition

First of all recognition and naming of the imposed images is fulfilled.Complexity of tasks is defined by number of the images imposed at each other, their color and a form.Tasks on recognition of the imposed and crossed out images are widely used and wellknown reception etc Then for an identification the crossedout images and images on the difficult, competing with them background are offered.In the same sequence work with alphabetic material is carried out.As any printed text represents noisy conditions for an identification of letters, in korrektsionnopedagogichesky process use various fonts, colors for a set of texts, and also different intervals between letters of one word and between different words.

It is obvious

It is not a so moral question, but purely financial.You quarrel, and I lose pupils.I was answered by the fourteenyearold guy.Nile grinds a nonsense he told.It is obvious that time this woman was shocked, so she does not trust in Sammerkhill.If even she also wrote down the guy, she would take away him at once from here as soon as it arrived home and the devil told !.The meeting agreed with it, and my offer failed.General meeting of school often should deal with those who is lifted up and offends companions.

Mothers often

Attentively to listen that you are spoken by the child.Mothers often care of that constantly to tell something to the child, but will not always take care of listening to the child.However, in education and development of children it is important to listen attentively that you are spoken by the child.It is impossible to reach the childs heart in educational process when mother only and does that speaks unilaterally.Moreover, the child to you will not reveal, not to share that at him on heart sufficiently.

He bitterly

We spoke about game aspect of the doctrine, but on all occupations also a lot of work is carried out.If the teacher for some reason or other cannot give the classes appointed to this day, it usually causes big disappointment in children.David, years, it was necessary to isolate because of whooping cough.He bitterly cried and protested: I will miss Ms.Rogers lesson of geography.David was in school practically since the birth, and it had quite certain and final notions of need to go to lessons which offer it Now David professor of mathematics at the London university.

Select exercise, call, remember: Finish

Make offers on a sample: In shop there are a lot of shoes.I have small shoes.Select exercise, call, remember: Finish offers pick up and call as much as possible slovdeystviye.Footwear at factory that do?think out, model, sew.Buying in shop footwear, the buyer that does?.Looking after footwear, the person that does?.Exercise The fourth superfluous: Listen to words.Allocate the excess word and explain, why it superfluous.

The standardized

The standardized values generalized display tely oral speech and visual mechanisms, expressed in standard deviations, reflected level sformiro vannost of functions in general taking into account cumulative ef the fekta from summation of a set of the separate paramt ditch.Testified to not formation of function the value of the generalized indicator expressed in standard deviations, exceeding ,a.So, at this stage calculation of the generalized indicators reflecting formation of separately oral speech and separately visual functions at each examined pupil was our task.

In such cases

Vovtorykh, in initial months of pregnancy quite often appears toxicosis: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness.At part of women appetite absolutely vanishes, others abstain from food, being afraid of nausea and vomitings.In such cases it is not necessary to use medicines.It is best of all to drink the diluted juice: lemon, apple, garnet or fruit drinks from a cranberry, cowberry and compotes from dried fruits.It is good to eat a lot of fruit: apples, plums, grapefruits, oranges seasonally.


Kamal Arab: perfection.Kamil Latin: notable.Kandit Latin: white, brilliant.The cantor Hebrew: singer.The captain Latin: head.Penalty Turkic: black, strong, huge.Karakez Turkic: blackeyed.Karen Arab: generosity, generosity.Karim Arab: mercy, generous.Karl drevnegermansky: courageous.Carp Greek: fruit, fertile.Kassim Turkic: distributing, dividing, razmezhevanny.Kastor Greek: beaver.


A stone gagate, obsidian, a jasper.Faina Color emerald, beige and brick opaque shades.ZZ Fishes, the Scorpion.Will not make harmony with signs of elements of Air.A stone amber, amethyst.Eleonora Color white and dairy a bright saturated shade.ZZ the Lion, the Capricorn especially a form the Hole.Does not reflect line of the Cancer, the Taurus and the Aries at all.A stone amber.Elvira Color blue, lemon bright shades.

The purpose

I want to emphasize: these conversations cannot be understood as an appeal to selftreatment and refusal of medical assistance.The purpose of the brochure to relieve parents of fear during the first hours of an illness of the kid and to show how it is possible to facilitate a condition of the child before medical examination.After it to help to choose together with the doctor further ways of maintaining the patient medicinal or not medicinal depending on disease severity of the child and his specific features, and also from a state of his health to an illness.

The verbal

The comment Exercise is well known to teachers who work with badly seeing children.Isolating tactile feeling, we aggravate also utonchay sensitivity of fingertips which development, as we know, promotes statement of thinking.Along with it also mechanical process of mental connection of letters in words is improved.The verbal report of the child on the word experienced by a finger can not always be comprehended, transferred to concept area.So it is impossible to tell that the child read the led round word.

Means, the cook

No, probably, the cook is more chief than the builder.After all if the cook will not make a lunch, the builder will not be able the slave the Tat Tanya told.Means, the cook the seller is more chief.If it will not sell products, the cook will not make a lunch having thought, Vanya noticed.And what will be if the seller gets sick and will not be able to sell products?Will cure it doctor surely answered Vanya.So who then is more main?


Idris Arab: to learn, be trained.Iyeraks Ancient Greek: hawk.Iyeronim Greek: devoted, presented.Izmail Hebrew: God will hear.Izot Greek: sparing life, lifegiving.Israel Hebrew: God dominates here.Izyaslav Slavic: achieved fame.Jesus Hebrew: God will help all.Illarion Greek: cheerful, joyful, carefree.Ilya Hebrew: fortress, inaccessibility and Yahweh my God.Iman Arab: belief.Innokenti Latin: innocent, virgin.

He speaks: Good

After the child gets a key, pedago fixes its attention at all stages of the solution of a task.He speaks: Good fellow.You should have got a key.You could not touch, the key hung highly.Therefore you found a chair, got up on it and got a key.The teacher helps the child to get a toy and gives the chance to play with it.After game he asks the child to tell about the actions.Note.The group of children is out of the educational room with the tutor.


GAME GET STONES!Equipment: an aquarium, bank with stones, a wooden spoon with a long stick.Occupation course.The teacher pays attention of children to an aquarium and speaks: Live in an aquarium of a small fish.And in bank there are stones.It is necessary to get stones from banks and to lower them in an aquarium.Near banks the spoon lies.If children last to touch stones, the teacher speaks: No, a hand inconveniently, the sleeve can be wetted.

Number of players: For our experiment

Circles after game are eaten.It is possible to take vegetables not hands, and nippers game from it will only become complicated.It is possible to introduce additional rules: if, for example, the player dropped dagger or zero, without having informed him to the necessary section, he passes the course.Ice and salt Age: years.Number of players: For our experiment you need ice in cubes and five small pans.Let the child will put on one cube of ice in each pan and posypt the first cube rice, the second grated cheese I will merge the third, the fourth pepper, the fifth fennel.

It is absolutely

If the capable person hesitates on, he can vegetate all the life at small positions.And, at last, it is possible to guess that hesitating in society simply is not able to be leaders.In the majority of collectives at whom language is not bad suspended become leaders.It is absolutely optional to them to put forward many good and new ideas: according to collective, the leader is better than others controls a situation only because it picks up and develops these ideas.Researches showed that if the person imperceptible first started speaking much when to speak to it the hidden electric bulb signaled, other members of group treated him with great respect, and its chances to become the leader respectively increased.

It takes

Training of muscles of a hand.Concentration of attention.Preparation for the letter.Material A tray on which scissors better with blunt ends and some sheets of thick color paper lie.On some sheets cut edges are designated.The description of work A tray with material faces the child.It takes scissors in the right hand, and in left the sheet of paper and cuts off a small slice.Later the kid starts cutting on the line and to carry out the difficult movements on cutting of patterns.

Acts of the closed

Isolation problem not simply a problem of lack of skills of communication, but, at more fundamental level, result of incorrect idea of the nature of human relationship.Acts of the closed person are similar to acts of the mistrustful investor in the conditions of quickly changing market: hopes for possible profit are outweighed by fears to lose the money.Why then to worry?When the person reddens and cramps a stomach At the physiological level timid people, according to their own words, feel the following feelings: learning heart strongly fights, sweat acts, and in a stomach of a butterfly start flitting.

Guess subjects

It is more difficult to remember that figures are and on packing with a dry breakfast.It is possible to look for the largest number in your kitchen.Guess subjects Age: years.Number of players: Choose any subject in kitchen, briefly characterize it and suggest the child to guess that you conceived.For younger pick up things more simply.For example, you thought of a table.Describe it so: I think about chemto flat and wide, you meet this subject at breakfast, a lunch and a dinner.

Parents of school

Parents of school students rather often state a request thus: The teacher at school complains that he she badly reads and writes.Considering insufficiency of understanding by parents of problems of the child, not differentiation of inquiry, the logopedist at the final stage of inspection will need to introduce amendments in ideas of parents of a condition of the speech of the child, difficulties which are experienced by their child, and those problems which he can test in the future if not to provide to the child the adequate help.

You would

You would like to wish attentive reading, and to Ada Mikhaylovna still of long and successful work.R.P.Dimenstein, director of the Center of medical pedagogics Moscow It is devoted to Igor to the husband, the friend, the assistant without which there would be no this book INTRODUCTION Dear mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers!Lets talk about how to help the child at sharp diseases of methods of not medicinal therapy how to feed children small and big as it is possible to make the child steady against diseases, to increase his immunity and to protect from developing of chronic diseases.

Still, when

Alenka sucked away gram, and arrived !And then Vika began to be rastsezhivat.With a towel in teeth.Still, when the girlfriend remembers this procedure, she shrinks so it was sick with it.Somehow to reduce milk inflow, limited to it liquid consumption punished to drink only ml a day.Vika remembers how put a glass with water on a window sill of chamber and greedy at it looked.It could not consume neither soups, nor the compotes which are carefully prepared especially for women in childbirth of elite clinic.

The teacher

For example, on the first card the circle is represented.Children bring a ball, a plate, a balloon, a hoop, a button, a wheel and put these subjects on a tray about a card.The teacher compares predmetys a card and speaks: Correctly, all of them are similar to a circle.On other card a trapeze.Children bring the boat, a ship, a doll bathtub, a bucket, a pan, a formochka, etc.The teacher in turn shows pictures.Note.At repeated carrying out game on cards new figures have to be drawn.

It takes

In the third office of a box plates of red and blue color from one to six lie.The description of work The child brings a box with plates on a table.It takes out from the first office the plate with the word and counts quantity of letters in it.He puts the plate with the corresponding figure below the word, then he counts quantity of vowels and puts the blue plate with the corresponding figure even below.Having counted concordants, he puts the red plate with figure nearby.

Task Connect

Task Find the identical letters written by different fonts.Task Connect in the text all letters A in the red color over line, all letters O blue color under line.Task Lead round a red pencil at first all letters which have nadstrochny elements, and a blue pencil all letters having interlinear elements.To be able to define correctly limits of the word and the offer in the text, it is important to acquire the main signs of the beginning and end of the word and offer a gap, a capital letter and a point and to lean on them when reading.

And they

When I explained that I sit below and I try to write the book, they showed sympathy and at once agreed to stop noise.And they ran up, having thought that they were caught by the person on duty obliged to watch observance of time of a release their agemate.I want to emphasize importance of absence of fear of adults.The nineyearold child, having broken a window a ball, will come and will tell me about it.Will tell because is not afraid that I will become angry and I will start moralizing.

Outside costs

Kitchen riddles With feet, but does not go, with a back, but does not lie.Chair Four brothers one belt of a podpoyasana.Table Four sun at the grandmother in kitchen, Four sun burned and went out.Russian cabbage soup, compote, pancakes are ready Till tomorrow the sun are not necessary.Gas stove In this white sunduchishche We store food on shelves.Outside costs a zharishch, In sunduchishche holodishche.Refrigerator In a belly a bath, in a nose a sieve, on the head a button, one hand and that on a back.

Repeats this

It squeezes it both hands and releases.Repeats this movement several times.The kid observes how at compression the pipette in a bottle falls to a bottom, passing by divisions.At most compression depends, by what depth it will fall.The comment In the course of exercises with this material the child trains muscles hands that is very important for strengthening of all fingers by preparation for difficult written works, for mechanical actions of a hand.

The formation

I.Tikunova, L.S.Tsvetkova and other scientists revealed a number of conditions on which development of a semantic aspect of reading depends.Researchers note a role of the lexical party of the speech influencing extent of mastering direct and figurative sense of words and phrases.The formation of the dictionary allows to understand the actual, subject contents, to establish semantic connection between various parts of the written message.Mastering grammatical representations of language is a condition of complete understanding offers.


The teacher offers children: Listen attentively, I will call that happens sweet.And if I am mistaken, I should be stopped, it is necessary to tell: Stop!The teacher speaks: Sugar, zephyr, raspberry, strawberry, lemon.Children attentively listen and stop it on that word where he was mistaken.Then children call that happens sweet.ANSWER QUICKLY Equipment: ball.Occupation course.The teacher, holding a ball in hand, becomes together with children in a circle and explains rules of the game: Now I will call kakoynibud color and I will throw komunibud from you a ball.


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